Sheriff: Weber County Jail offers excellent medical care


In a recent column, I discussed the standards that Utah Jails adhere to (“Remarkably few...


It's hard to keep up with events in Washington

Trump Russia Money

Every day as I watch what's happening, in Washington, mostly, about five or fix times I will say to myself, "that's a letter.” But you know what? That first event gets buried by the next event, that event gets buried by the next event, and so on. By the time you get to the end of the day, you...


NFL players are using the rights our president, military swear to defend

Colin Kaepernick 1 Year Later Football-5

I am writing in reply to Ed Rhodes’ Oct. 5 letter, “America would have no rights without the military.” I agree with many of his words, but here is my take on the words “flag,” “military” and “Constitution” — I put...


Defeating the Ogden school bond would be a tragedy

Polk Elementary Bond Open House

Our schools have issues that simply can’t wait. We have the chance to have a solution to several of those issues by voting yes on the Ogden school bond. These solutions will not raise our tax rate, but will give us the opportunity to address severe safety issues, lack of space, the inability...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Without a job or apartment, going home is a daunting idea

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“‘I bet you’re excited to go home’ pretty much sums up what I hear from people on the outside looking in. I am excited, and why wouldn’t I be, right? Well, prisoners often have some different perspectives,” Brian Wood writes this week. 


Separated truck tires pose a danger on Utah's highways

Truck Tire Danger

This is a letter to make the public aware that for the past few months we have been subjected to an invasion that could have been avoided if it had been addressed early on. The invasion came in the form of separated semitrailer tire sections that often wound up in or near travel lanes on all major...

Guest Commentary

Free colleges and universities — a gift we can't afford

Congress Budget-1

“Fixing tuition at zero is the wrong route toward increasing access to college,” writes Jeff Steagall.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Secondary MH 092017 Ogden Greek Fest Prep 09-8

This week’s topics: The Ogden Greek Festival, a credit card thief, Weber State University’s energy savings, and campaign yard signs.


NFL players are ingrates who have no reason to protest "racism in America"

Titans Browns Football protest

Football players who take a knee protesting “racism in America” are puzzling. Are they protesting the 630,000 white men who died freeing their enslaved ancestors and ensuring they, multi-millionaire football players, would be born in freedom? Are they against the 30-plus government...


Trump and McConnell are a couple of liars

Trump McConnell

President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell's fiasco appearance would have been better titled, "No matter what people say we're liars!" Larry Brady Ogden


Schools have a responsibility to protect children from bullying

School Bullying Suicide-4

It mystifies me why the terrible bullying that goes on in our schools is never dealt with. The child is blamed, the parents are blamed, the bully is blamed, but it is never stopped. Where is the school in all this?  While the child is in his home, he is protected. But let him walk out the door...

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