An introduction to health care coverage, Part III: Employer options

Avenue H

In Utah, Avenue H can help companies provide insurance for their employees.


Klan, white supremacists believed Donald Trump

Confederate Monument Protest-1 Duke

A wise man by the name of Voltaire once said, "Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities." The KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists believed the hateful rhetoric Donald J. Trump spewed during his presidential campaign. At the start of the Unite the Right rally in...

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We cannot remain silent when speech turns dangerous

Confederate Monuments Protest torches

“Our freedom of speech is only valuable if we exercise it in all its capacities and call out those who would abuse that freedom to advocate violence and death,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Columnist chilling in Rexburg, waiting for total solar eclipse

Rexburg eclipse column

The city of Rexburg is bracing for unknown hordes of eclipse watchers.

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Childhood hunger in N. Utah doesn't end when schools starts

Secondary BS 030717 Food Pantry 03-7

Children of Utah’s working poor live in food insecurity all year. You can help make sure they eat every day by donating to a food bank.

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Trump vs. the business community

Trump CEOs council

“Obama was not the friend CEOs think the president of the United States should be. But in Trump, they're finding out what it's like to have a real enemy,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Should Ogden allow urban chickens? A reader conversation

BN 062516 Chicken Alliance 01

Ogden is the only major city in Northern Utah that bans urban chickens. But that could change, if the Ogden Chicken Alliance gets its way.

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Solar eclipse offers transcendence in an awful year

NASA total solar eclipse

As millions of Americans look up, if only momentarily, from their phones, maybe they can also look beyond the pettiness of so much of their politics.

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Using a car to ram protesters. Where did he get that idea?

Confederate Monuments Protest-40 crash

“The purpose of these proposals was to make acts of protest, and acts of protest alone, more lethal,” writes Catherine Rampell.


To fight racism, attend rallies, talk with people, listen

Confederate Monument Protest Utah-4

Racism, hatred and evil are real. I saw it, felt it, and breathed its awful air Monday night at the One Utah Rally in Salt Lake hosted by the Utah GOP and Utah Democratic Party. A handful of people were there who have obviously been deceived by the lies of racism, but they were serious and...

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How can you stand by a president with no heart?

Trump Charlottesville

“Now Trump has opened his own chest for all to see. And the cavity is horrifyingly empty,” writes Michael Gerson.

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